Saturday, September 27, 2014

Flagstaff Trip

Before Marc headed back to work the 8 of us (two adults, two kidlets and four dogs!) headed up to Flagstaff for a long weekend to relax. The weather was awesome!

There is a playground right nearby that we took Savannah to – she had a great time and made a new friend.


She really liked how much space there was around the house – she was running all over the place. She’d run all the way up the sidewalk, giggle, turn around and come flying back down to us.


Running Down the Hill


Overnight it ended up hailing and Savannah was ecstatic. She called it snow and had such a good time with it.


Throwing Hail

Playing with the Hail

Organizing Hail


Mommy got cold so we headed inside to play with the train table and hide red cups all over the house..




Our little man decided he likes football and would turn himself to be able to watch it on TV. Maybe he’s training..




On the way home we hit a huge storm, I could barely see through it but Marc was driving so it was ok. The kidlets both passed out within 15 minutes of leaving and slept most of the trip..


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