Saturday, September 20, 2014

Blue Group 2nd Birthday

We had a birthday party for all the little two year olds at the indoor play place I’ve taken Savannah to a bunch of times. She loves it there and is getting more comfortable with trying things each time we go.

I can’t believe how big they all are – they’re like little people!!!

Savannah was ready for cake before we even got back to the party room..



She LOVED the bounce house with Daddy – first time she ever really got in and used it!!!



6 kidlets waiting for cake.. Patiently.. Amazingly!



The best group pics we could get – Darrien was so upset that we left the play area! I love the one with him on the floor in front of everyone else the best though!

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We did a white elephant present swap.. Each person brings one present, the kids names all went into a bowl. First name pulled out picks a present which was us (again, like last year!). Second name pulled out can pick a new present to unwrap or decide to take the other present that was already opened. Third name can pick a new present or either other present already opened and so on. Well, Ella lost two (or three??) presents to other kidlets so when she got this one she promptly tried to leave the room with it! She did not want to let go of it for anything – I swear she would’ve given up more playtime in the big area to not let go of this thing! I can’t blame her, she had “lost” presents already!!


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