Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is she up to now?!

We are having more and more fun with Savannah as she’s learning and getting more active. She is starting to react to us saying “no” but of course doesn’t like it. I say react because she’ll stop and look at us for a minute then try again. It’s a nice cycle.
So far she does not react when I try to convince her to crawl to me however I found that if I smack my hand on the tile (or foot) she’ll come a crawlin complete with a big ol’ grin!

To the Tile

While at the tile she noticed the dog’s food bowls and wow are they fun. Thankfully they are on stands as I fear otherwise she’d be trying to lick them – as if we’re not feeding her enough!?!

Dog Bowls

And her latest move we’re calling the Beached Whale. Really cracks me – and her – up!

Babbling Beached Whale

Some random playtime pictures..


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