Friday, June 7, 2013

The Mess Known as Eating

Cleaning is a constant need in this house – especially after meals. It’s no wonder Savannah is hungry a lot considering how much food ends up on her face, on her hands, in her hair and lap. Breakfast is the cleanest meal for me as Savvy gets dry cereal and fruit (like pears and apples) on her tray to feed herself and I spoon feed her oatmeal. She does like to take the spoon at times but gives it back easily.

She gets distracted easily so half of meal time is watching the dogs, looking for where noises came from and overall making sure she doesn’t miss anything. We did get a toy for her food tray that suctions on so she can’t toss it on the ground. It works well as even if she’s playing with it she’s facing forward and will still eat.


Lunch and dinner are the real mess – she gets all kinds of foods and most of it is finger food. Here’s a snap of the other day after a lunch that was super messy as she decided pureed yams were finger food.


And some videos!
Hair Cereal with Clapping
Highchair Toy and Puppy Watching

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