Monday, June 24, 2013

Savannah in Crib Land

The more mobile Savannah becomes the more she is playing in her crib. Very quickly we realized it was time to lower the crib mattress. While she’s not pulling herself to standing yet I’m sure it’s coming soon. She crawls to a side of the crib, sits up and grabs the railing, sometimes to pull down the bumper and look out, other times to mouth the railing. The pictures are crappy since they are of the monitor screen but hopefully you can see her.


She is also spending more time when she wakes just playing. I had read she shouldn’t have toys in her crib for a while but there’s always been at least couple there along with a couple lovies and pacifiers. It’s so cute listening to her babble and play!


Two days in a row, she has slept in crawling position for her afternoon nap. From peeking on her through the monitor what seems to happen is she’s playing and crawling to her different toys then passes out in that position.


Was able to get a pic of her without the monitor right before I posted!


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