Monday, June 24, 2013

Virginia Vacation

We had a wonderful time on our trip back east. Savannah was such a good baby on the flight even though it was an hour and a half longer than it was supposed to be. We were out and about almost the whole 6 days, our activites included

  • Breakfast and a stroll through Old Town
  • Dad’s (Grandpa’s) 70th birthday celebration with family from NY/NJ/DC
  • Father’s Day BBQ at the Winderweedle house with ALL their local family (gosh I miss them!)
  • Trip to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
  • Trip to the Newseum
  • Multiple lunches and dinners out with friends and family

Savannah really ate everything we did – I  couldn’t believe it. She had beef ribs, crab cakes, calamari, bruschetta, and carbonara amoung other things. Of course, everyone thought she was just too cute (can you blame them?!) and so unbelievably happy go lucky. That’s my girl!

I was so happy to see so much of my family and friends (some not seen for YEARS!). We really need to get back there more often.. If only the plane tickets weren’t so darned expensive and Marc had more vacation time..

While I remembered to bring the camera I forgot to take hardly any pictures!!! Horrible Mommy, I know. I did get one VIDEO of Marc tickling Savannah after breakfast.

Savannah playing with the xylophone at Grandpa David and Grandma Tena’s house.. The mallet was a better lollipop than part of the instrument most of the time.


An an unexpected surprise – Savannah met her cousin Spencer!! They were sooo cute together – playing and giggling in the car, making faces at each other. She really mimic’d him a lot! By the time I remembered to grab a snap Savannah was pretty tired so we didn’t get any smiles but I’m just glad they got to hang out.


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