Monday, June 24, 2013

Dad’s Birthday Balloon

Tena brought a huge bunch of balloons to Dad’s birthday dinner. Since Ben (the only other kid there) was travelling back to New York in the morning we figured just leave them at the restaurant. Savannah was not on board with this plan. As we were leaving she grabbed hold of a couple of strings and they ALL came with us. I tried to pull them out of her hand but she had the death grip on them. So we ended up with a trunk full of balloons!

The next afternoon we went to a BBQ at some friends’ house where there were a bunch of kids. We pulled the balloons out of the trunk and while the regular ones were droopy the mylar balloons were still holding strong. Each kid got to pick out a balloon and we tied the last one to Savannah’s stroller. Little did we know this balloon would provide so many hours of entertainment.


Everywhere we went with the stroller she was playing with the string and the balloon – I think we’ll have to invest in some more now that we’re home!


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