Sunday, June 2, 2013

Having a Good Time

While I’ve been a little stressed out the last few weeks I am so grateful that Marc is on days so he can spend more time with Savannah and help out around the house. The best times are still watching the two of them playing together. She sometimes has more reaction to me than him which gets him a little butthurt but I remind him that it’s just that I’ve been the constant all these months and she will go back and forth with who she “likes” better all the time. Anyways, I will be the least favorite when she’s a teenager so I’m taking as much as I can get now!

This girl is so active it’s hard to believe she’s not crawling yet. She is rocking like crazy, has been for a little bit, so I’m sure it’s coming soon. She loves standing whether it be with us or at the couch and ottoman. I put a magazine in front of her yesterday and she was entertained standing and flipping (ripping) through it for 20 minutes. It all ended when she started trying to eat the pages and I took them away though.

Marc helped her with a new discovery too, not only are the boxes fun to pull toys out of they are great masks! Each of them has a mesh front where Savvy can pull the toys through and it turns out if you put it upside down over her head the mesh is lined up with her face. She really got a good kick out of it.


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