Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mac and Cheese

Savannah has finally had one of our favorite foods! We haven’t been holding out on her on purpose, I just don’t make it often.. I did however find a “Cooking Light” recipe that I used to make this time and it was sooo good., I couldn’t tell it was light although Marc may have.


Dinner is the easiest meal with our little monkey since she eats whatever we’re eating. I’ve been eating salads for lunch most days and while I’ve given her lettuce a couple times she ends up coughing/choking a little. I figure skip it for a while. To make it easy, I made little chicken and turkey meatballs – with rice cereal and zuchinni – that I can nuke and give her for lunch along with whatever else is around (yogurt, veggies, fruit, crackers/bread etc).


Cereal is always fun, Savannah likes to take the spoon but when there is food on it she ends up taking it off with her hands and feeding herself then putting the empty spoon in her mouth (or waving it around).


She is always a mess which would be fine except that she HATES when we clean her face and hands. Hates. Seriously. Screams bloody murder, cries and totally tomato faced. I hope she gets over that soon!

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