Monday, June 10, 2013

All Better

After a few weeks or so of Savannah not feeling 100% she seems to be back to her normal happy self. We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and they couldn’t find any cause so most likely teething or some other normal baby growing issue. Regardless, she ate all kinds of food last night and so far has been sleeping for over 10 hours (she’s still asleep). Might’ve helped we were out a lot of yesterday while it was 110 or so outside.

Regardless, since I have a little extra time here are some more videos I took yesterday including a short one of her love of the tile. As Marc said, she’s going to love the new house since almost the whole downstairs is tile!!

More Crawling
I Don't Wanna Nap!
Oooh, Camera!
Tile Smackin
More Flip Flop Love

And from our last trip to Costco, here is how she sits in carts now (check out her feet!).

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