Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sitting, Tents and Ramps

Not only is our little monkey standing and cruising alone the furniture she quickly got the hang of sitting down. I had heard we needed to show her ASAP else we might wake to her crying in the middle of the night because she’s stood up in her crib and can’t get down. Thankfully, we didn’t have that happen here. For one, she either doesn’t get up in the middle of the night or if she does, she doesn’t make enough noise to wake us up. Yes, we are still getting 12 hours of sleep from her at night. Yay!!! Trust me, I fully realize this may not last so I’ve savoring every one of the last 8 or whatever months of these nights that we’ve had!

Hi Fives, Sitting and On Her Way

Grandma Wienke brought a tunnel set to borrow for Savvy’s birthday. She was intrigued by Daddy putting it together and decided to turn into a Samurai fighter with the poles..


So far Savvy is not going into the tent, teepee or tunnels . Daddy even got in to try and convince her – she went up to visit, wave and talk to him but from the edge..



Daddy in the Tent

We bought a ball ramp toy for Savannah a while ago and recently she’s figured it out. She’s trying to test it’s limits too and tries every ball she has to see which will work – all of the others just topple the toy over :) Regardless, she finds it very funny.

Ball Ramp

Ball Ramp 2

And some more video of one of her other favorite newer toys – the Alphabet Train.

More Alphabet Train

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