Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How Big is Savannah? Sooo Big!!!

I honestly don’t remember having one growing up but all of a sudden a growth chart sounded like a great idea. I checked around the internet and didn’t see anything I really liked but found some ideas to just make our own.


I ended up putting it on the side of the archway (??) between the laundry room and the kitchen. Or is it across from the half bath and next to the coat closet. Whatever, it’s in the space with narrow walls and light switches that will be a pain to decorate if I ever even get off my butt to do it.


Initial thought of a growth chart was writing on the wall. But I hate pencils. And I can’t say how long we’ll live here which means if we moved we’d lose it. However, I didn’t want to mount a plank of wood, canvas or paper 5+ feet tall. So I ended up using my Sihouette to cut Vinyl to use on the wall. It’s very forgiving if when I make mistakes and if we move it comes right off without leaving a mark. Yes, if we move we will “lose” it in a sense but I can stick them back up in the new house or make a new version to Savannah’s liking when it happens.


I started with the big numbers for the feet marks. We’re not the biggest fans of pink so I used teal which I figured Marc would be ok with – it’s a blue dangit!! In my head it seemed really easy – just measure the wall and mark where I need to put the numbers. Haha.. Right. Yes, I did measure and mark where to put the numbers height wise but didn’t consider width. So I ended up with 6 numbers all over the place. I mainly see the four sneaking off the right of the wall.




I was going to try to fix them but figured do the next step first as I was sure it wouldn’t be perfect either and I could fix everything at once. So out came 6 big lines (foot), 5 medium lines (1/2 foot) and 50 small lines (inches). Shocker.. It got even harder.. I was using a measuring tape so holding it with one hand and sticking the line to the wall – IN THE RIGHT PLACE let alone straight – with my other hand was laughable. In the “this chick is a dumbass” kind of way.


Marc was smart enough to avoid me – I’m sure I was cursing and annoyed at the wall and the vinyl and possible making threats.. I was so grateful when I realized he was cleaning the floors as I wasn’t sure I was going to have the gusto to do it whenever I finished the growth chart.


Anywho, I got all the lines up and was so happy with myself. And happy to be done. For about 20 minutes..


Full chart: IMG_20130825_210032


Semi-Close Up: IMG_20130825_210055 


Close Up to see the lines:IMG_20130825_210106


Then I decided I wanted it a little more fun. So I cut out a “S” to put at the top and a few flowers to use as the markers where her height is. I’m going to look up a few of her previous heights and add them but the flower on the wall now is at her current height.




The final result as of last night:




I love how it turned out with the exception of the crooked lines – I’m trying to convince myself that it’s handmade so it’s not supposed to be perfect. We’ll see if I believe myself in a few days.

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