Monday, August 26, 2013

One Year (And One Week)!!!!

I can’t even find the words – I still can’t believe that Savannah is a year old!! It has been wonderful and a whirlwind and sounds crazy and impossible to me but I love her more every day.

The pictures this month have been a mess. The first round I couldn’t get the light right – all of our ceiling fans have browned (yellowed?) tint so on a gloomy day I had no chance. Which is even funnier that the problem with the pictures was TOO MUCH light! But I tried.. As long as Savannah lasted which wasn’t long..


Over the weekend we tried again but she was not having it at all. I’m guessing teething as she was not her happy self off and on for a few days.. I didn’t get a single shot..

This morning we tried again and it turns out our camera is the problem, not the lighting. All the pictures look like someone flashed a bright light in front of the camera. So I turned to my un-trusty – needs to be replaced –hates me as much as I hate it phone. Not overly happy with the pictures but since we’re already over a week past her birthday they’ll have to do. Coupled with pictures from her actual birthday and family pictures we’re having done I think we have enough total.


So here they are – minimal smiles but she did give us a couple silly looks :)


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