Thursday, August 15, 2013


Our little monster (as you’ll hear in the Gator Head video) has always loved the gator head on her play table. Months ago I started putting a ball in his mouth and she’d try and get it out, later of course she’d get it out easily then keep checking to see if another was there. Now, she’s doing it all on her own and so giddy with herself!

Gator Head

So I’m just a tad proud of the sign language.. We’ve seen her do fish, bird, milk and I believe another I can’t remember. I haven’t been able to catch any more on video since she does it when she wants and has clearly told me she’s not a trained monkey to do it on cue but here’s some more ball video..

More Ball

I’m still trying to figure out what Sav has a big attachment to. Others babies I know have their pacifiers or bottles or blankets.. Savannah.. Nothing really. Unless you count the puppy lovey in her crib that she cuddles with. It never leaves her crib unless it’s being washed so she can sleep without it but it’s the closest thing I can figure she really likes and might have an issue if something happened to it..


And to end this post, a random picture of her playing with the gate which makes her look like she’s in jail :)


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