Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rise and Shine!

Not only is Savannah still happy most mornings when we go to get her from her room, she’s now STANDING!! Totally took me off guard when I walked in. It’s made mornings even better since I can get her clothes out, clean things if needed etc before taking her out of the crib since she just walks along the bar chit-chatting (with me, and the fan, and her toys).

Blurry pictures – baby doesn’t stay still!!


Before that morning she had done it a couple random times downstairs but ever since I found her standing in her crib she’s standing everywhere! The ottoman, the fireplace, the end tables.. Anything she can get her hands on.

Standing 1

Standing 2

She is even showing off and letting go with her hands which is still freaking me out afraid she’ll fall. As for sitting back down, at first she seemed to just do it but every once in a while she whines like she’s stuck. I haven’t figured out the difference of why she’s sometimes unsure as it’s been in the same place where she had just sat back down 5 minutes earlier. Oh well, she’ll master it soon I’m sure!


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