Monday, August 5, 2013

Savvy’s First Sign(s)

While playing in the family room with her toys, Savvy all of a sudden tapped her hands together and said “Baa Baa” for Ball. I shrieked which at first scared her then I clapped and did the normal yay!! She laughed and did it over and over again. The first video starts with her doing the sign (close to it)  for ball and screeching then she starts saying “Ball” at the end. The second is shorter but shows it a little better.



The actual sign for Ball is to cup your hands together like you’re holding a ball. Sav isn’t keeping both hands open so it’s like she’s doing one hand for ball and the other for more (same sign as ball except your fingers are together).

BALL: ball

MORE: more

The same day she saw Melanie and patted her leg – the sign for dog!! She made a “D” sound but not sure what the rest was. I don’t have it on video since she’s used it very sporadically but the sign is:

DOG: dog

And before Marc left for work tonight he mentioned her rubbing her fingers on her mouth and making the blblblbl noise could be her trying eat. The sign is moving your hand to your mouth but could be.. Lexy also told him she thinks Sav signed Milk the other day. Maybe she went from zero to 5 already?! :)

EAT: eat

MILK: milk


I think she’s said a few other “words” – bunny, daddy, puppy? – because she does the same word every time she sees them. I can’t for the life of me tell you what the noises are by spelling them. Many times they are followed by screeching and laughing, she is apparently very happy and amused with herself just like we are. Maybe a little more so believe it or not.

Since I don’t have any pictures of the signing, just the videos, here’s some random pictures..

Coming for the camera:


And Savvy doing my work :-)



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