Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Savannah’s Birthday Party–Night Party

We decided to have a second party for all of our friends to come hang out. Since it was cooler out many went out to swim in the pool. Have I mentioned how glad I am we have one?!?


At first I sat on the steps with Savannah but quickly realized she just wanted to get in..


So we sat on the steps.. And swam.. And jumped.. And had a great time!!


We then noticed a storm was brewing so we dried off, changed back into clothes and back into the house. All of the kids had a great time with the tunnels and ball pit. Great to see that some things will last more than a year or two!!


After everyone headed home Savannah watched a little “Squeek” on the Baby Channel to calm down and then off to bed. Needless to say she went down REALLY fast (about two hours later than normal).


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