Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Savannah’s Birthday Party – Baby/Family Party

Savannah’s first birthday party started at one – right after a nice long nap to ensure she was a ball of energy. First to arrive was her little friend Ella who is just a couple weeks older. We took the two girls into the family room to start playing while we were running back and forth to the door. They are just too cute for words!

Hanging Out With Friends


Another of her baby friends – Darrien – arrived a little later. He is such a calm and sweet boy but we found out he is a maniac in the jumper!! I thought Savvy had fun in it but Darrien – WOW!

Darrien in the Jumper


After a snack we moved the babies into the dining room with the ball pit, tunnels, tent and teepee. Just like Savannah, Darrien and Ella had a great time. It was even better with friends! Ella even when through the tunnel although Savannah is still skeptical about this trick we’re trying to play on her..

To round out the party, we had Savannah’s Cake Smash. Marissa made her an adorable cake so we set a sheet on the floor with the cake in the middle and put Savannah right behind it. She was curious but not sure what to do - seriously the cleanest eating she’s ever done. Hilarious considering EVERYTHING goes in this girl’s mouth. After singing her Happy Birthday and a little help from Daddy she started to get the hang of it.

What is this thing??

Happy Birthday Song


After a few minutes we had Ella and Darrien join Savannah. Darrien was AWESOME! Seriously, he knew exactly what to do and it was his first one! Ella was great too – she had her birthday a couple weeks ago so is a seasoned cake smasher. There were even feet involved!

Smash Cake Trio


Of course, there was a little mess so the babies had to get cleaned up. Yay for a big sink!!!


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