Friday, November 29, 2013

Cereal Out!

Lately Savannah is not interested in her breakfast cereal. I've tried adding fresh fruit, Applesauce and her food pouches but none have really worked. She likes the spoon so I'll put some cereal on it to give to her but it only works a couple times. It seems to be recommended for her to eat because of the added iron.

I remembered the bread Marc used for sandwiches was Iron Kids with extra iron.  She loves it - score! So many days she gets a piece of toast for breakfast with either peanut butter, jelly or cream cheese on it (or peanut butter and jelly like today). I've made her grilled cheese sandwiches (with tomatoes like mommy eats) for lunch a couple times too and she gobbles them up too.

I still keep trying the cereal some days since we have a whole container left and  she's prone to switch her tastes back and forth a lot. I just make a couple tablespoons of it each time so we don't waste a lot.

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