Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Shopping

While others were freezing their butts off waiting in lines overnight, fighting for the last cheap blender and exhibiting shameful behavior to get their kids the latest "must have" toys, Savannah and I did our Black Friday shopping at the Children's Play Place. Complete with a cute little shopping cart she flew around at great speed! She looked mighty Happy with her purchases, and no added stress!!


I had no plans of going out this morning as I didn't want anything to do with the Black Friday mess out there.. However we had a rough one last night which ended in Savannah going to sleep the final time a little after 2 and me at 2:30 (to make sure she stayed down and was OK). I was so exhausted this morning and decided the play place would be better than using the TV to entertain her while I was a zombie.

It worked out great! In addition to her shopping trip, she played in the kitchen with her new "purchases". I showed her the drawers and she started putting the toys in them. She then figured out the Microwave and oven also opened so she made hot utensils for breakfast :-)

In true form, she also spent time playing with puzzles, the first couple didn't keep her attention but the third really got her interested. It has 5 different colored pegs and on each peg goes shapes in matching colors - the left peg has 5 blue hexagons, the second has 4 red squares etc. She pulled all of the shapes off one by one and examined them with a big smile. Then she decided to put them back. The first couple I pointed to the peg for her to put them on, she did then did a few more herself to the correct peg. I'm constantly amazed by this girl!

There was also a little car there and no surprise she was very interested in it. I helped her into it and pushed it around some to get her the idea and she was off! Well, in reverse lol It was on artificial grass which seemed to not let it move very easily. It was so cute when she grabbed the wheel and started turning it (prop - doesn't actually turn the car) while saying "vroom"!

A great morning for us - it's easy to tell when she falls asleep in the car before we get out of the parking lot! Could've only been better if Daddy hadn't had to work and could've come with us..

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