Thursday, November 28, 2013

And Then There Were Four

Shortly before Thanksgiving I realized that I was late - and a test confirmed pregnant! 

I wanted Savannah to tell Marc but since she doesn't talk yet I headed to Pinterest to find ideas. A couple caught actually my eye. I made a sign, attached it to Savannah's back and set her off to play in the loft. Marc had gone downstairs to get the vacuum so I figured he'd see in a couple minutes..

While he did notice there was something on her back he didn't see it was a sign so he proceeded to vacuum. I waited 10 or so minutes but nothing so I headed to Savvy's room to start putting her clothes away. In a couple minutes I heard Marc exclaim "What?!?" and come into Sav's room grinning. "Really?!". Yup! I was glad to tell him. :)

One of the other ideas I saw was an eviction notice on the crib. It was perfect to send as a picture to my parents across the country.. I was hoping Sav would get upset when I put her in the crib since it was no where near nap time but she was all smiles and happy. Regardless, it got the point across!

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