Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Rosy Rash

Friday morning started out normal with Savannah keeping Daddy company while he ate breakfast and got ready to go to work then coming upstairs with me to start working. Then all of a sudden she was really upset. We had already had breakfast so I doubted she was hungry (tried water and crackers but no help), then figured change her diaper just in case – she’s never been upset over a wet/dirty diaper but it could start at any time.. Then I saw it.. Bright/Dark red.. Oy.. She SCREAMED and cried while I changed her which almost brought me to tears. I hated having to use the wipes but of course had to clean her up. When I finished she was so upset she couldn’t sit up or stand so I held her, rocked and sang until she calmed down. She actually ended up falling asleep (it was maybe 9AM) which was fine by me as long as she wasn’t upset.


I was able to get my computer, water etc on the couch (holy crap was my arm killing me) and sit down with her so I could work while she slept. I didn’t want to try putting her down in fear she’d wake up and be upset again.


I think she was out for almost an hour then I noticed her eyes flutter a little.. I braced myself for her being upset but she opened her eyes and smiled! Oh thank goodness!! I finished getting her dressed (I didn’t bother trying when she had been upset), got her a snack and she went on her merry way for the most part. A couple times she got upset but I’m thinking her diaper or something rubbed against the rash and hurt her..


The rest of the day I tried to keep her busy and distracted to hopefully not notice the pain as much.. We read some books, she played with her toys, watched a couple episodes of a show called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (basically a cartoon of Mr Roger’s Neighborhood) and played in her ball pit. After lunch she ended up in the kitchen cabinets. She has recently taken up rag sorting – she pulls them out of the cabinet one by one and puts them in piles. Then the piles turn into different piles or a rag mountain and then she crawls around with one or two like she’s cleaning the floor.. I really should give her a damp one to do this with but alas, it never happens.

Today, Melanie was close to Savannah most of the day including with the rags.. Oh what a nice new surface to pile on!!



Rodney kept out of arms reach..




Savannah then used Melanie to stand up with and starting petting her and giggling.. Following by adorable puppy hugs!!!



A quick video of Savvy and Melanie complete with fake coughing and chatting..

Some extra puppy hug shots Smile


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