Monday, February 16, 2015

President’s Day

Savannah’s school is closed today for President’s Day so I have both kidlets here with me all day. I did get a bunch of work done last night so I didn’t have as much to do today but they have been doing great at entertaining themselves and each other.

Savannah served us breakfast.. Tyler’s might’ve been a little tough and smokey since it consisted of a bunch of cars but I got the croissant!!



They played with toys and read books together..



Savannah kept Tyler entertained with a show..

Savannah's Show 1

Savannah's Show 2

Savannah's Show 3

Savannah's Show 4


And the best part of the day, I found a way to work out with both of them - a dance game for the Nintendo Wii! May not be my best workout but we were sweating like crazy and had a great time. Tyler watched and bounced in his jumper and Savannah did a lot of jumping.


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