Sunday, February 15, 2015

Playing with Ella

I took Savannah to a playdate while Daddy stayed home with Tyler a couple weekends ago. We were the first ones there which worked well for Savannah so she could run around and check everything out - she is still shy with a lot of other people around.

A lot of the time all the kids were doing their own thing and having a great time. After a lot of people cleared out (the center had multiple  birthday parties going on) we looked over and see Savannah and Ella playing with some kind of Lincoln logs at the table. It was adorable!

After lunch the girls were ready for some more play and not only did they run back into the play area by themselves, Savannah got up into the bounce house by herself and jumped all over. She was even smiling and laughing when a couple big Kids got in and she was being bounced all over!

We are so glad to have Ella (and the other kids) to play with, the girls are so wonderful together and great influences on each other!

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