Thursday, February 5, 2015

Moron Test and Number Puzzles

One of the apps on Savannah’s Tablet is called Moron Test. I don’t remember why I downloaded it (or IF I did?) but she thinks it’s hilarious. Obviously she can’t read but her memorization skills are amazing. I took this video on January 17th and as of today she gets through about 10 screens I think before the “FAIL” – well, if she tries. Sometimes she hits the wrong thing over and over on purpose to get the “FAIL” noise. Or she wants BLUE no matter what color it wants her to tap.

The screen says what to do/what to tap etc. From what I remember the screens are:

Tap the Red Button

Where are you now? (you tap the picture of Earth)

Tap the Sun

Touch the *** planet

Touch the plus sign

Crack the eggs from left to right (there are 5 of them)

Press the red button, then blue then green

VIDEO: Moron Test


Another app she likes to play is puzzles. She seems to really like the numbers – and is really good at them!! You’ll hear Tyler talking and coughing up a storm too.

Number Puzzles - Zero

Number Puzzles 2


Also, on the 28th she received the Dynamite Dancer of the Month award again for “Amazing Leaps!”!!


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