Monday, January 6, 2014

Today's Fun

Today was the best and easiest day I've had home working with Savannah in a long time. It's not that other days have been bad but today was amazingly great, she has been super happy and funny all day. So much that I totally forgot about nap time until 2PM!! Even then she was still playing and happy as can be but I took her up for a nap anyways in fear of a night time meltdown if she didn't get any nap.

Over the weekend she found (or Marc gave her?) an empty dog bowl in the pantry. It is now a drum that stays with her toys along with a metal piece from the over the door pantry shelves we used in the old house. She finds it hilarious. She uses her hands to drum some but mostly the metal piece. I'm sure her wooden mallet (from another toy) will also be a drumstick when they happen to be in the same area at the same time. 

Drumming Video

Marc also gave her a box containing a couple old cell phones with their chargers and books that she likes to play with. Mostly emptying everything out of the box then putting it back in. One of the phones has become her favorite - my old Blackberry. I has no charge - I don't even know if it has a battery - but she grabs it, puts it up to her ear and starts talking. Today she did this but then started walking all around the house saying "bye!". May be coincidence but I had been on a couple conference calls today where I was walking around talking on the phone so she may have been mimicking me. Either way, I was cracking up!

Walking and Talking Video

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