Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was a ton of fun for and with Savannah! While we didn’t get our ornaments on the tree it still looked nice with the lights. And even better with the presents around!


We were lucky that Savannah slept in a little bit so I could put together the water and sand table before she came down. Also unwrapped were the toy presents from she had opened at Grandma and Grandpa’s house the night before – a monkey rocker and a corn popper. As soon as she saw them she was all excited and happy.


After some playing we convinced her to come back to the the tree to open some more. She did great at opening presents this year! I don’t know where she learned it but it was a joy watching.


When she opened her first set of books she stopped to look through each one. It is so cute how she “reads” them all, she also points at things for us to tell her what they are.


A bunch more books to open took quite a while including reading them all.



Then all of a sudden she was done. Not out of presents but done opening them. I had put some cinnamon rolls in the oven so we took it as time to eat breakfast. Savannah was not a fan of the cinnamon rolls! She picked at them, put a piece in her mouth then dropped it.. Then she wanted to play outside so off we went. She drew a little with her chalk then took a short car ride complete with silly faces..



An hour or so later we ended up back by the tree to open some more presents. She was having a blast with the paper! While she was reading Marc and I took the opportunity to open our gifts – most of while Savannah took from us. :)


Another break was needed so we watched a Curious George Christmas movie and had some Cheerios. She looked like such a big girl sitting on the couch with her snack!


Since our fireplace is in the family room our stockings were there and we brought them down for her to see. I had found a sock monkey stocking for Savannah that was just too cute. She did her signature grab and hug to let me know she liked it too. Daddy showed her that he was holding stuff she could take out which peaked her interest again. It was full of finger paints, bubble bath and stickers (which she is still sticking on our face everytime she sees them).


It was now almost noon (we started before 9) and we were down to three presents left. Marc and I tried pulling a little bit of the paper up for her but she wasn’t interested. I’m sure it was a very overwhelming day already and she was playing with all her new toys.


The remainder waited until after nap time to be opened and ever since she has been walking around with the shopping cart (last present opened)! Of course she plays with all the toys and reads almost all of her books (a couple were put out of reach as they are rippable) but the shopping cart we got her last minute is her current favorite. She grins ear to ear and laughs as she walks circles around the house.


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