Monday, January 20, 2014

Interactive Reading

In the past couple weeks Savannah's favorite books have been her "first words" books. She brings them to us and points to the pictures for us to tell her the words as she flips through. She gets extra excited about the ones she knows the signs for. She knows at least a couple dozen now although a few look the same (ball, more and shoes).

She's also saying more words we can figure out - uh oh (when something falls - half the time on purpose since she laughs with it) and book are the ones that come to mind. Honestly I think she's saying a lot of them that I can't decipher but we're trying!

Thankfully she likes to show us the books on the couch or Ottoman downstairs - I'm already uncomfortable getting on the floor in the corner to read with her even though I've only gained a couple pounds since getting pregnant!

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