Sunday, January 26, 2014

California Wedding

We just arrived back from California concluding Savannah’s 8th flight so far (at just 17 months it seems like a lot!). Since Bakersfield is a tiny airport – 9 gates – we were on a small plane. Not so small as to require seating based on everyone’s weight like flying back from white water rafting but only 50 passengers to fill the plane.
IMG_20140124_103248352 IMG_20140124_103653641_HDR IMG_20140124_103733843_HDR
Even though we were really busy and all over the place for the two days Savannah was amazingly good. Yes, I still get surprised although no one else seems to be anymore. I know she’s a wonderful girl and well behaved but I was expecting and would’ve fully understood a couple meltdowns. Nope, not one. She took short (or no) naps, went to sleep late each night and up early and still all smiles and laughs. Which makes it funny the only picture we took of her at the wedding she had this face..
During the coctail hour between the wedding ceremony and reception we went walking around the country club and noticed a tennis ball on one of the courts. Marc gave it to Savannah and she walked around a bit with it then they started throwing it back and forth. I didn’t realize she could catch and throw so well, she doesn’t with her various balls at home.
Throwing and Catching
IMG_20140125_180419530 IMG_20140125_180455880_HDR IMG_20140125_180504041_HDRIMG_20140125_215415 IMG_20140125_180932001 IMG_20140125_180938708

At dinner she mainly wanted the fries – the same thing happened the night before. She had a couple bites of fruit but barely any of her chicken and what is really rare she didn’t even want to try hardly any of our food. She missed out, it was sooo good! Chicken.. chicken.. you know i love it! there was other food but the chicken was yum!! Not to worry though, she didn’t go hungry.. There were chocolate “Oscars” on the table to go with the Old Theatre theme and mommy gave it to her to play with. She figured out immidiately that it was food. Best pictures of the weekend!
Grandpa Wienke stopped by the table not realizing what was going on so I asked if he wanted to hold Savannah for a couple minutes. “Sure!” he said. And came SOOO close to taking her but we had to stop him and bust out laughing.. He – nor anyone at the wedding – could believe the mess!! It was pretty bad.. While I didn’t eat any of it I ended up with chocolate on my arms, legs and face.. And that was before I picked her up to go to the bathroom to clean up! We did bring some extra smiles and laughs to the guests that saw it though. :)

After the clothing change and a quick scrub down Savannah danced with Daddy and he sung to her – telling her that “Brown Eyed Girl” was not his and her song instead of his for me. He’s such a sucker for his little girl! :)
Dancing with Daddy
And the cutest pictures are of Savannah with three of our pups after we arrived home. They are sooo cute..
IMG_20140126_163807756 IMG_20140126_163809466 IMG_20140126_163816191 IMG_20140126_163822224_HDR

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