Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Walk Around the Park

I was able to complete some of my Monday work over the weekend which left us with plenty of time to visit the park by our house. Great timing since Savannah wasn’t having the happiest day and a change of scenery usually helps.

It took a little bit to get there since she was distracted by the light pole, passing cars and rocks. I had to carry her part of the way since she really wanted to go into the street after a dog on the other side of the road. When we got close enough to the park to see I pointed and then the smile came out.

First she sat in the sand but since I forgot the sand toys it got boring pretty fast. She took a stroll around then climbed up the side of the playset to head to the big slide. We went down it and she smiled and giggled like crazy. A couple times sortof by herself on the little slide then a woman walking her dog caught Savannah’s eye and she took off down the path after them. Of course, they walk a lot faster and had a head start but she was trying complete with saying “DOG!” and patting her leg (sign language for dog). When she arrived at the bottom of the hill she wasn’t able to see the dog anymore but there were a bunch of big rocks – landscaping – to play with.


After about 10 minutes organizing the rocks with sticks then putting them back she was ready for some more walking.. And boy did she walk and run! Up and down the hill, across the grass, in the rocks and an attempt to climb up a hill of big rocks which didn’t end up working.

Talking a Walk 1

Taking a Walk 2


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