Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Playroom

IMG_20130401_161031We are using the front room of the house for Savannah’s playroom, it was mostly empty so easiest to convert. We just moved all of her stuff into the room and she has plenty of room to roll around and play. My only gripe is there is no fan or lights on the ceiling and the two standing lamps are not the greatest light sources. I have been opening the shades on the two windows which helps during the day but obviously not at night.

IMG_20130401_173024I can’t believe how many toys she has! We keep them in bins so she gets “new” ones each day or two to keep things interesting. Sometimes I just sit and watch her, her faces and reactions to the toys are hilarious. She’s been playing with the musical table (without the legs) a lot – she loves the music. She’s starting to figure out how to get the balls onto the ramp to roll around the middle. She also likes the gator head, it makes open and closing noises when you lift up and push down on him. I accidently put the gator on the opposite side of her today and she was trying to lean over and get him and starting hitting the toy when she couldn’t reach. Thankfully an easy fix!

Here are some videos of her playing and one where she got sidetracked when she noticed Logan was near her and Rodney just outside the gate.. 

Playtime with the Wobble Tower
Animal Watching
That's Where it Goes!

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