Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Taking the Spoon

For a little while Savvy hasn't been trying to take the spoon from us while we feed her. The last few days or so her interest is back so I've been giving it to her and she's getting better. Some of the food actually stays in her mouth - and sometimes she uses her other hand to push it off the spoon into her mouth but whatever works and keeps her entertained is fine with me.

Savvy and the Spoon

She is also getting very comfortable with moving around from the sitting position. She leans all the way down with her belly and/or face on the floor between her legs and back up with no help. Usually it's for a toy - especially for Gator on her play table.. And yes.. that is her diaper since her shorts got messed up :)

And tonight right before bedtime I realized that she can stay upright with just barely leaning her tushy on me. Not totally standing since she's leaning on me but was still shocked she could do this!! Her feet are cut out of the picture since my arm only goes so far but they are flat on the ground.. We might very well have a walker before a crawler..

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