Friday, January 23, 2015

Making Robots

I love the internet for coloring pages! It’s so great to be able to do a quick search for whatever Savannah is currently talking about or playing with and get a ton of images I can print out for her to color. Well, in her case she loves gluing things on them.

I don’t recall what started it but she all of a sudden was talking about robots. I have the movie “Robots” which she didn’t like at first so we turned it off after maybe 10 minutes. A couple days later she picked the case up and wanted to watch it. I reminded her she didn’t like it last time but she was determined to watch it. This time she loved it – watched the whole thing. Well, as good as she watches anything, she was running back and forth from the dining room with toys, doing puzzles and playing with her farm while “watching”.

I found a cute “love robot” image online and brought it onto my computer to trace so we could use it as a coloring page (the original image was all colored and more detailed than we needed). I printed out a copy for each of us to color, brought them downstairs and got the crayons, pom poms, foam shapes, sequins and glue.



Marc and I used crayons however Savannah was controlling them so she chose what color we could use when. Savannah colored for a couple minutes but then moved on to using the foam pieces. So much fun when we can do stuff like this together – can’t wait until Tyler can really join, this time he was limited to trying to take Marc’s paper from him and drooling on it Smile



Our creations – Marc’s, Savannah’s and Margot’s


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