Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Little Puppies

Last night when it was time for dinner Savannah wasn’t ready for it. While I was feeding Tyler she took care of her baby – gave her a bottle followed by burping her and laughing.



Then she decided to read so she ran into the dining room to get a book and sat on the floor between Tyler and me reading to us. My immediate thought was a video of me at 3 (or 4?) sitting in a rocking chair with a stuffed animal reading one of my books – I think about bears. She is my mini-me! Tyler was grinning at her in love as usual.

10 Little Puppies

She of course did end up coming over to eat with the usual reaction to the chicken of “Don’t Like That”. She ate all the rice and carrots and wanted more. I told her she had to eat the chicken to get more rice (yes, there is still a lot of bribing). She took a bite and just like last time we had it (I think it’s called Shoyo Chicken?) she loved it, ate all on her plate and wanted more of it instead of rice. Silly girl.

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