Tuesday, January 13, 2015

At Attention

This morning on the way to school I had told Savvy we could go to the Big Park after school buy it had rained real good so everything was soaked. I felt bad - maybe one day I will look at the weather - but she did really well with me telling her we couldn't go. While I fed Tyler she played by herself (doing who knows what) then started bringing her cars into the family room and asking of we could watch Cars. I told her we could after dinner and with a little while she said ok.

So after dinner I turned on Mater's Tall Tales with Savvy on the couch and Tyler on his playmat. She brought over her farm to play with Tyler, he got excited and turned into his belly to watch. She even gave him the pig to play with!

When I finished clearing the table I went to hang out with them. Tyler was watching the TV so I propped him up in his Boppy and he shocked the hell out of me and sat! He was wobbly and couldn't get back up when he went too fat forward but mommy was still proud. Savannah even clapped saying "Yay Tyler!". I'm telling you, she is the best big Sister around!

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