Saturday, September 26, 2015

TP Rolls and Pom-Poms

One day when both kidlets took naps at the same time I had a few extra minutes and scrolled through a bunch of pictures I'd saved of activities for them. One was dropping balls down tubes and looked like a quick easy one I could pull off before one of the kidlets woke up. 

I grabbed some toilet paper rolls, painter's tape and pompoms and started getting them up on the wall.

Savannah woke up first and started smiling when she saw the wall. She asked what it was and I told her to go see. It wasn't until then that he saw the container of pompoms under the tubes and she was over the moon! I dropped a couple pompoms in the tubes and she took over. She had so much fun! 

Our little destructor had it all pulled down within minutes of getting downstairs but it was super easy so I can just do it again another day. 

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