Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our First Urgent Care Visit

We have now had our first Urgent Care visit. Tyler and I were walking the circle of our house while Savvy was running circles around us. After about 10 minutes I heard a crash and a blood curdling scream. I picked Tyler up and went back to the kitchen and found Savvy on the floor by the table. It turned out she slipped on a wet spot on the floor. I put Tyler down and grabbed Savvy up in my lap and after a couple minutes was able to calm her down to tell me what hurt
She told me her cheek and when I looked it had started swelling up. After another minute it was at least the size of a golf ball and rock hard.

Now I was freaked out. I grabbed them both up (neither having shoes and Savvy without shorts) and put them in their car seats to go to Urgent Care. She was not thrilled with going to the doctor and of course kept telling me she hurt buy had stopped crying. I told her we were almost there and that the doctor was just going to check her out to make sure she was ok. I didn't want to tell her what it looked like and scare her.

Thankfully there's and Urgent Care a couple miles from our house so it didn't take long. We got in, filled out the paperwork and we're brought straight back. The nurse was very nice and gentle with her, explaining everything which made Savvy very interested instead of scared.

The doctor then came in and was also very good with Savvy. Eyes and ears checked along with a bunch of other things and doc told me it was a big hematoma. As long as it didn't get bigger we just needed ice and ibuprofen but to get an xray in the morning to make sure Savvy didn't have a fractured cheekbone. Oh, and to keep her up until at least 10. Savvy loved her ice pack and even showed the nurse at the desk as we were heading out.

We got back home and I put on Daniel Tiger for Savvy while I gave Tyler a bath and got him into bed. Then Savvy and I had some ice cream and a Daniel Tiger /Super Why marathon. She was soo tired that she told me she wanted to go to bed and turned the TV off. It was only 930 so we read extra books to buy some time. She of course fell asleep immediately after I left.

I checked on her a few times before I went to bed and she was sleeping soundly. I didn't move her from our room as I was still worried.

In the morning she woke up as normal, asked for Mickey on the tv and went potty. I asked her how her cheek was feeling and she told me "it just hurts a little". When I got the light on I saw the swelling was way down and it had started bruising. She however seemed unaffected and started playing like nothing had happened.

So.. Here we are the next night and swelling is getting less and less as the bruise comes in. She still answers me that it just hurts a little bit when I ask but doesn't say anything about it otherwise. I feel so bad for her but am very grateful that the hump is all that came out of it..

Did I mention I hate the tile in our house? THIS is why!! I don't know why it's so slippery, it was not this bad in the other houses..

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