Monday, March 3, 2014

Big Girl Bed Step 1

On Saturday afternoon Marc took the front rail off of Sav's crib to make it into a sort of day bed. I took her in while he was putting it away and she got so excited that she could grab her toys to play with them and put them back. She used her loveys as blankets to put a couple of them to "bed" which was adorable.

When it was time to get ready for bed I took Sav upstairs and into her room. She immidiatly went back to her bed to play with her toys. She took a short bath then back to her bed as soon as I let her. She was pointing to her books so I brought her a few and she read them to her toys while sitting on her bed. It threw off our normal routine of reading in the rocker and while she was yawning like crazy she didn't look ready for sleep. So I picked her up to go to the rocker and try our norm.

We read one book then (through a little whining) she cuddled up to me and started drifting off. I put her in her bed, tucked under a comforter that was also tucked under the mattress so if she moves a lot she hopefully won't fall out. Just in case, I put three pillows down on the floor so she'll fall on them. Crossing my fingers it doesn't happen! Really wishing the video part of our monitor was still working now.. I will be picking up a kids step stool tomorrow as she is having a hard time getting into her bed. And possibly the mesh "rail" I can put on the side to keep her from rolling off.

I don't have any pictures but here is a video and some random ones from my phone :)

Playing Piano

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