Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Big Girl Bed Progress

The first night in her "bed" (crib with the front taken off) Savannah rolled out of it around three am. Marc heard a thud then crying - he was having trouble sleeping - and went up to get her. By the time he changed her diaper she was wide awake. Since it was Saturday night and Marc didn't have to work the next day I turned off the monitor and went back to sleep. Sort of... I was up every half hour or so, noticed Marc wasn't there and fell back asleep. Around 6 am Marc came back to go to sleep.. I found out in the morning that he was still awake so hadn't tried to put her down all that time.

Night two, I woke to whining around 2 am. By the time I got to her room (had to go potty first) she was at the door. I ended up  in her room for a little over an hour before she went back to sleep. There was a little reading and lots of rocking in the chair with her lullaby cd. I don't know if she fell out but suspect she just woke up.

Night three I woke to her falling out again and crying around 1 or 2 am. I ran over to her room and she was trying to get back in her bed already. I helped her but after a couple minutes she was up. I didn't want to start a trend of getting up and doing the night routine again so we went to the rocker and after some crying she gave in and Snuggled to go back to sleep. It was about 45 minutes from the time I got up until I went back to sleep.

While we had lined the floor with pillows so she wasn't getting hurt I went out today and bought a bed rail to ensure she wouldn't fall again. She was unsure of it when she saw it tonight but figured out she could crawl into the bed still from the end.

Well, she obviously didn't fall out of the bed but woke at midnight or so crying a little. I waited a few minutes but she didn't fall back asleep so I went in. She was still laying down so I rubbed her back hoping she'd pass out. Nope.. Back to the rocker but just for 15 or so minutes and I out her back in bed. I thought she had fallen asleep but she got upset when I put her down. I laid her back down, rubbed her back again for a minute, gave her a kiss and told her I loved her and goodnight and headed out. She cried but by the time I got the monitor and headed downstairs she was done. 10 minutes later (the time we wait to see if she goes to sleep) and she's pretty much out. She keeps making little whines but those ones where she's pretty much asleep. I'm heading back to bed hoping she really goes to sleep.. And may let her cry a bit if she gets up again.. My only concern tonight is she didn't really eat any dinner but she won't take the water I offered so she can't be starving. Crossing my fingers!

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