Monday, December 16, 2013

The Wienke Christmas Tree

Unlike years past we bought our Christmas tree early in December and got it up in the dining room before the double digit days - yay! 


I thought Savannah would be interested in the new tree in our house. Well, here's what she was doing as the tree went up..

The next night we pulled out the lights. Colorful, shiny, fun. We got a glimmer of interest for about 3 minutes..

Then she was off again! Daddy tried to grab her attention but nope, box pushing it was.

Rodney was more interested in the lights than Savannah! Ok, he wasn't this interested but it was fun for me and he stayed there loving the attention! :)

 Savannah's activites while I put the lights on the tree were varied but none included the tree..

The only ornaments that ended up on the tree this year were a few photo props from a birthday party we had and some random ornaments that fell out of the light box. Oh, and my Star on top.. :)

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