Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chandler Holiday Parade and Santa

Chandler had their annual holiday parade and tree lighting this past weekend, we took Savannah to see and hang out with some of her friends. First stop was to see Santa, even though the line was long she did well waiting in line. We had some help keeping her entertained by kids running around, lights etc.



When it was her turn she was not thrilled as Daddy tried to sit her on Santa’s lap so Santa offered Marc to sit on his lap with Savannah. Maybe it’s just be but it was weird.. Creepy.. And hilarious since it wasn’t me!! Savannah still was not sold but at least she didn’t scream the entire time..


After Santa we met up with our friends just in time for the parade. Ella and Ferris found a great chill spot on the corner..


Savannah ended up on Daddy’s shoulders..


Savannah enjoyed the lights of the parade but loved the music! She took Daddy on a couple long walks and one with Mommy to get out some of her energy and see the trees wrapped in lights.


We left before the tree lighting since it was late and caught a couple eye wipes – hopefully next year! We did see the “tree” though – it is made out of tumbleweeds painted white!!

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