Friday, August 31, 2012

Swaddling.. Not!

We have figured out that while most of the books and people talk about swaddling babies Sav is not a fan. She likes being able to move her arms all of the place like the attached where she is apparently dreaming of field goals. One night I checked the monitor and she had her arm over her forehead like she was blocking the sun :-)

Still no consistent schedule but at just shy of two weeks old I'm guessing that's normal. Trying to find ways of keeping her awake during the day - it is not an easy task! Today I got a while of awake time by dancing a little stuffed animal in front of her. Eyes were WIDE open for it. Also noticed the past couple days she's been eating more often but less amounts. Going to try and get her back to less frequent but bigger feedings to get her tummy full so she'll sleep longer. Wish me luck!

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