Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Sav

Completed night two in a row of minimal awake time! As of now, the trick seems to be waking her and keeping her awake more during the day. She woke around 12:30 as we were going to bed, at 4:30 then at 7am each just long enough to eat and have a diaper change. Yay! I of course realize we can not bet on this wonderful schedule all the time but it is GREAT when it happens.

She is opening her eyes more when awake to stare at us and get surroundings, I so wish I knew what she was thinking. We took the cars to the fire station today to get the car seat installed in Marc's car and mine checked - Marc had done a great job not that I'm surprised.

At this point the bottle feeding is much easier so odds are I will just stick with it instead of trying to nurse.
Both Marc and I are doing well especially since we've gotten a good sleep the past two nights. Marc has even been able to play some video games although I have a list of things to do that aren't getting done. Oh well, none are that big a deal.

Attached pic of our sleeping burrito, so peaceful. :-)

Talk soon! Love you all!

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