Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tyler Loves to Read - Sleep, Not So Much

We have been reading a lot more lately since there have been a bunch of rainy afternoons. The books that have been unpacked are like new since most haven't been seen since June.

Tyler has gotten really into reading. So much that he changed his bedtime routine on us. We have our normal routine that's been the same since Savannah was born (it just gets repeated for Tyler).

However, after we leave his room his routine starts. First he plays with whatever toy he took to bed - talking to it, pretending it is falling and helping to save it from death, swinging it around like an airplane.. Next he sits up for a couple minutes followed by crawling to the end of his bed and staring into the camera. It's creepy, it's like he sees us or something else. After a minute or two of being a creepy peeper he gets out of bed, turns on the light then grabs a book and sits in his chair to read. Sometimes it's all reading, sometimes he starts rocking in the chair like crazy (depending on the direction there is a lot of banging). It's actually pretty cute when I don't think about how late he's staying up and that he won't sleep in so he'll be grouchy the next day!

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