Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bathtime 10–SPLASH!

So Marc may do a face palm when he sees these as he’s been trying to deter the splashing in the tub but I was totally for it last night when she was counting! For the first one I was holding my phone in my hand so her numbers ended up a little off when I recorded since I had to reuse the same hand to do 6-10 instead of using my second hand (why 9 became 3 etc).

Bathtime 10


Round 2 I was able to rig the phone between my ankle, leg and her towel (it wasn’t pretty) so the picture is way off center but the numbers are all there!

Round 2


For some extra adorableness (yes, that’s a word!), a couple pictures of Savannah helping me with yard work.. Which translates to having me put a glove on her so she can stand in the yard and sing to Melanie..


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