Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Sav

Yesterday had me very worried we were going to have a bad night. After the doctors appointment Savannah slept pretty much all day. She woke up around 830PM or so wanting to eat, took almost a whole bottle then all of a sudden it ALL came out. I couldn't believe it, was like a cartoon. Amazingly she wasn't upset, she just looked sleepy again.

I took her upstairs to clean up - which ended up being a bath - while thankfully Marc cleaned up downstairs. When I brought her back down she was wide awake as I feared so I put her in the playpen. A half an hour of chatting with her monkey and she was pretty much asleep. Took her upstairs, she ate a little bit and was asleep in her crib by 10 o'clock or so. Not only did she go to bed at normal time, she slept until normal time (4am), got up just long enough to eat and diaper change then back out until 7. I still can't believe it!

This morning everything has gone perfectly too, up and alert for an hour to check out her toy, cuddle and eat and back asleep. Yes, the ton of sleeping at night and am is normal, generally at 9 she's up for her first few hours stretch (or almost the whole day) and really active. This girl is just amazing!

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