Tuesday, September 25, 2012


With Sav being awake more hours during the day we are getting a lot more play time! The new toys and books are great, she loves being read to and I love reading books I have seen since I was a kid.

This morning Sav was keeping herself company with the mirror while I aye breakfast, was so cute! She would smile and look like she was giggling then a look of confusion then a blank stare and all over again.

She's growing so darn fast, I'm trying to get as much wear out if her cute newborn clothes as possible. We're already using 0-3 month clothes to supplement since many newborn items are too small.

Saw an adorable Halloween costume at Target we are going to try and get although it won't fit her until next year. This year I think it will be an orange onesie :-)

Off to read another book before sleeping sets in again. :-)

Savvy (and parents)

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